When you go to see your Funeral Director or you meet your Celebrant, do ask what your local crematorium can offer in terms of services.

Nearly all offer an integrated digital music system (see music).

Some offer a web cast service. This was initially set up for the very many families who have members living abroad, but it is also good for people who have friends unable, through illness or being away, to get to the service. This operates on a code system, and is available to watch on line, both live, and at any time over the following week. Australians don’t have to sit up all night!

Finally, some have a screen, so that family photos or videos can be shown, usually during a reflective piece of music. Pictures can be scanned or sent electronically and the media company will space the images to fit the music. This can be a heartening and uplifting way of reminding the congregation that the deceased actually lived a very full and active life.